by Linda Christine
"Art speaks to us at this time of spiritual
enlightenment and transition"
 Linda Christine
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"Loved Ones"TM.......are always present.
If we believe there is only Life, all our Relations are just a breath away.
They are our supporters, always wanting us to go forward for our Highest Good.
They are our cheerleaders, helping us believe in ourselves and infinite possibility.
They love us when we feel unlovable.

Our gift of life is only a gift when we share it.  Love unites us all as One.
These paintings are a reminder and a tribute to Oneness  and to our...................
"Loved Ones"TM                                       AND NOW AVAILABLE!
      "Loved Ones"   wood plaques in sizes
                                                   4"x 4", 6"x 6", 8"x 8", 4"x 8"
You may purchase these from the artist directly

visit Linda's online store at

Many styles and colors are available!
All are original and ready to hang!