"Art speaks to us at this time of enlightenment and spiritual transition."
                                                  Linda Christine
participating in plein aire events, art festivals and was well-represented
in galleries there.  Landscapes and florals, commissions and
presentations brought much notoriety to her wonderful paintings.  An
award-winning artist in both watercolor and oil, she began to feel there
was something more......creativity beckoning to be expressed.  After
almost a year of resistance and delay, she began to experiment with
color and texture, allowing new inspiration and following that
guidance.  She learned to be still, listen and follow internal direction.  
The result was JOY!  
In January, 2001, Linda Christine left the world of realism behind and
launched into a new frontier of abstraction........ANOTHER
DIMENSIONtm.  Linda is a gifted artist who can illustrate the human
quest for a heightened knowledge of life.  With music and visual
imagery for inspiration, Linda Christine creates from deep within.  Using
acrylic products, building materials and fused glass in a mystical style,
she captures the mood and emotion of ANOTHER DIMENSIONtm.  As
she explores colors and textures on gallery-wrapped canvas, intrigue
and mystery draw the viewer in for a closer look.With knowledge gained
from her unique journey of personal discovery, Linda wrote and
published her book called, "ANOTHER DIMENSIONtm", in 2006.  "The
purpose of this book is to share these images and my story with you,
hoping to let your reality be slightly jarred and your imagination fired!"
she says.  There is ANOTHER DIMENSIONtm , a parallel world just
waiting for you.............enjoy your journey!
Linda Christine's solid foundation in watercolor and oil painting using a
representational style, has led her to a new frontier of abstraction...

Imagination:  it is the most intriguing and significant aspect of the
human mind.  It allows a connection between soul and emotion.  Linda
Christine's ANOTHER DIMENSIONtm paintings provide that bridge as
they dazzle us with color.  They cause us to ponder out own beliefs and
to see, on canvas, ideas that have only been imagined.  The dream-like
quality of her paintings, generated by color and movement, allows the
imagination to expand and create a new experience.  "The joy of
presenting ANOTHER DIMENSIONtm paintings is watching people
interpret them and listening as their own stories begin to unfold," she
says.  Linda Christine studied art in her native California and used an
expressionistic style to convey her surroundings.  She lived and traveled
in Arizona and the Southwest for over a decade,
A wonderfully written article on the artist that appeared in the
Spokane Spokesman Review, August 26, 2006, follows:
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